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January 27, 2021

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6.16 inches of rainfall recorded in Liberty Township in May

For the period of May 1-May 31, Hardin Extension rainfall reporters recorded an average of 4.73 inches of rain in Hardin County. 

 Last year, the average rainfall for the same time was 5.12 inches.  Rainfall for May was 0.30 inches more than the ten-year average rainfall for the month.

Liberty Township had 6.16 inches according to Phil Epley, who reports for the township.

Marion Township received 6.42 inches of rain for May, the highest amount of the township sites.  Jackson Township had the lowest rainfall amount for the month of May with 3.60 inches.  

For the growing season since April 15, the average precipitation in the townships was 6.27 inches compared to 9.20 inches in 2019.  For this growing season, Jerry Stout reported a total of 7.86 inches in McDonald Township, while Rick Weber reported a total of 5.10 inches in Jackson Township and Nutrien Ag Solutions reported a total of 5.15 inches in Blanchard Township.

The month of May brought rain and wet soils for farmers in Hardin County.  

This put a halt on field activity that started earlier in late April and early May.  Corn and soybeans that were planted earlier had ponding in some fields, causing the need for replanting in areas.  

Other fields needed to be planted for the first time as fields were too wet for planting for much of May.  Planting activity resumed eventually, along with fertilizer and herbicide applications.

Good weather allowed for an earlier first cutting of forages compared to 2019 that resulted in high quality but lower tonnage for some producers.  

Corn and soybeans were slow to start growing because of cool temperatures but now are making progress.  Nitrogen is being applied to corn and post-emergence application of pesticides is taking place in fields throughout the county.  

Wheat has started to turn with reports of armyworm in some wheat and corn fields.  The ground is drying out and the crops are in need of rain or they may soon begin to show signs of stress.