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July 12, 2020

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Are you the artist in our midst?

ONU Department of Art and Design offers this creative summer project

FROM FACEBOOK - The Ohio Northern University Department of Art and Design offers this creative summer project on a mid-week slow June afternoon.

It's the departments second such summer project (we misse the first project).

Here's how it works:
We are continuing to do a creative project that you can do at home.

It's a way to keep your creative juices flowing and something that may be a bit of fun.  Please share it with friends and post your final results on social media using the hashtag #ONUSummerDesignProject.

Challenge: Look around your environment (inside and/or outside) and photograph objects that have taken on new meaning since the start of your isolation. Take pictures of nine objects and create a 3x3 grid of these images. Upload your project on social media.

1. Try to use your SLR camera. Change the settings, when needed.

2. Think about your subject matter. How do you want to represent your subject, even when concentrating on capturing a certain aspect of your object?

3. Think about what makes a dynamic image: focus, perspective, lighting, cropping, and composition.

4. Upload your project to Instagram by Friday, June 26. Use the hashtag #ONUSummerDesignProject.

Share your finished project on social media (Instagram) with #ONUSummerDesignProject. Have fun!