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October 24, 2020

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Bond night at Ada council

Five ordinances on tonight's agenda

Ada council will act on five ordinances tonight (Tuesday, June 16) concerning bond sales.

The action will be considered as emergency ordinances. Each ordinance provides for the issuance and sale of bonds. The bond totals follow:

Ordinance 2020-04
$2.1 million for refunding debt charges, saving the village’s outstanding various-purpose improvement and refunding bonds from October 2013.

Ordinance 2020-05
$640,000 for paying costs of improvements to the municipal swimming pool.

Ordinance 2020-06
$425,000 for paying costs of improvements to the municipal building.

Ordinance 2020-07
$425,000 for paying costs of improvements to Ream Street

Ordinance 2020-08
$375,000 for paying property owners’ portion, in anticipation of the collection of special assessments for portions of the costs of improvements to Willeke Avenue, Orders Street, Oak Street and Ankerman Street.

Council's agenda is attached.