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October 21, 2020

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Where did the 6-foot rule come from? Answers to many other questions like this

From ONU's Heterick Memorial Library and Ada SAFE 2020 locally-created resource about covid-19

• Where did the 6-foot rule come from?
• How do we help kids cope with all the questions surrounding covid-19?
• What criteria would allow us to return to not having social distancing, wearing masks and enhancing disinfecting practices?
• Is this a short term virus, or is it like the flu that will continue to show up seasonally?

These questions and host of others are addressed in a locally-created online resource made available to the public this month. 

A team effort by Ohio Northern University Heterick Library librarians and several members of the Ada SAFE group created the resource.

This site is offered by Heterick Memorial Library from the Ada SAFE 2020 community group.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE SITE.

According to the compilers: “Its purpose updates COVID-19 information, and helps the community learn how to use reliable sources when ‘doing their own research.’”  

The site provides answers from health professionals to covid-19 questions. The Q and A are part of an ongoing Ask Me Anything, AMA: COVID Questions series, created by Ada SAFE.  

Questions are addressed in a brief video format, which include those at the beginning of this story, plus many more. For an example of these video, open the video at the bottom of this story.

Questions are answered by:
Ross Kauffman, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of Public Health at ONU.
• Ann Johnson, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology at ONU, trained in clinical psychology.
• Karen Kier, registered pharmacist with a PhD in Preventive, and Professor of Pharmacy Practice at ONU, where she is Director of Drug and Health Information. 
• Jamie Hunsicker, DNP, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing at ONU, and a member of the Kenton-Hardin Health Department's Board of Health. She holds a Doctorate of Nursing.
• Anna Kauffman, M.D.,  physician in family medicine practicing in Bluffton. She received her M.D. from Yale University School of Medicine and residency in family medicine at the VCU Shenandoah Valley Family Practice Residency Program.

Additional resources
Several additional resources on the site include a covid-19 information including drop down folders providing information about:
• Reliable resources
• Staying current
• Risk assessment tools
• Covid questions (answered on YouTube)
• AMA sponsored information
• Research tips
• Evaulating resources
• Masks
• Mask research

About Ada SAFE 2020
The purpose of Ada SAFE 2020 (SAFE stands for Schools Are For Everyone) is to organize community members who wish to see local schools adhere to medically and scientifically sound advice and guidelines when schools reopen in the fall, and to educate the public about the latest scientific research and guidance to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and the disease which stems from the virus, COVID-19. Everyone is invited to join. Parents, students, school administrators, board members, and community members are all welcome. 

To contact Ada SAFE 2020, email: AdaSAFE2020@gmail.com. The group’s Facebook page is: Ada SAFE 2020 on Facebook.

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