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January 24, 2021

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Village contracts with RITA for income tax collection

Beginning Feb. 1 residents and businesses will have complete access to RITA’s MyAccount applications

The Village of Ada has contracted with Regional Income Tax Agency, RITA, for 2021 to assist with the collection of village income taxes.  The company is located in the Columbus suburb of  Broadview Heights.

In previous years the village used the services of Central Collection Agency, CCA, as its income tax agency.

RITA mailed letters to Ada residents and businesses in December. The letter follows:

Dear Ada Residents and Businesses:
Effective Jan. 1, 2021, the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) will begin collecting municipal income tax for the Village of Ada.  

Formed in 1971 through the Regional Council of Governments, RITA is a governmental agency established under Chapter 167 of the Ohio Revised Code. RITA provides income tax collection and processing services for more than 300 of Ohio’s municipalities and is the largest municipal income tax collection agency in the state.  

RITA’s shared services offer municipalities a comprehensive, efficient and effective solution to income tax collection that results in cost savings and increased tax collections.

The Village of Ada chose RITA for its ability to offer residents and businesses free online services and its ability to maximize the Village’s tax collection efforts.

 RITA will be responsible for the administration and collection of all income taxes and will serve the Village of Ada in this capacity.

After Jan.1, 2021, all Ada tax payments and tax forms, for current and prior tax years, are to be sent to RITA.  

We encourage you to utilize RITA’s free and simple online services, FastFile and MyAccount.  

Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, residents will have limited access to electronic services. During this time, residents will only have access to RITA’s FastFile – no login, user ID or password is needed.

Beginning Feb. 1 residents and businesses will have complete access to RITA’s MyAccount applications. Visit ritaohio.com to access FastFile, MyAccount and tax forms.

For those wishing to utilize mail, the remittance address for our secured lockbox center is:

P.O. Box 477900
Broadview Hts, Ohio 44147-7900

Checks or money orders should be payable to the Regional Income Tax Agency or RITA.  Please include your account number as indicated above on all payments and correspondence.

RITA will inform Ada taxpayers of filing obligations using a notification campaign that includes messaging through social media, notifications on various websites, radio spots, and newspapers across the State of Ohio.

If you have an existing account with RITA and are already remitting withholding taxes for another RITA municipality, simply add the Ada withholding tax payment to the RITA Form 11.

If you have any questions regarding your Village of Ada income tax, please contact RITA’s customer service representatives at 800-860-7482.

Questions and links:
Link to RITA website
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Income Tax Forms: paper forms will be available in the Village office at a later date.  Filers can check back here for a date, when it becomes available.