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March 8, 2021

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Ada staff and teacher vaccinations moved to Feb. 26

Scheduled 2-hour delay now set for next Friday - not tomorrow

In the end it all comes down to the weather.

Ada school's anticipated teacher and staff vaccination date originally set for Feb. 19 is rescheduled for Friday, Feb. 26.

Meri Skillier, Ada superintendent said, "We were planning a two-hour delay on Friday, Feb. 19, in order to accommodate the Covid 19 vaccination of our teachers and staff.  

"As is consistent with this world over the last 11 months, we’ve run into a small roadblock.

"Because of the widespread winter weather systems across the Midwest and the East coast, the shipment of vaccines earmarked for Ada Schools and aimed toward our provider, Ohio Northern University, have been delayed."  

She continued: Weather predictions for the rest of this week are a bit all over the place at this point.  While we are cancelling the two-hour delay for vaccination, please watch for announcements regarding weather related delays and cancellations, as that is obviously still a possibility.

Also, as we have had to postpone our employee vaccination clinic for one week, we will need to reschedule the planned two-hour delay for Friday, Feb. 26.