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April 21, 2021

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It's gross game Tuesday!

Natalie Walton of the public library shares all the details

You’ve probably not heard of “Gross Game Tuesday.”

But, you have now and it a game to be played in pairs with your family, friends or anyone you can coax into playing.

Natalie Waldon of the Ada Public Library likes these games so much that she is sharing them twice a month in an instructional library Facebook video.

She says that all you need to play this game is whipped cream (or shaving cream) and cheese puffs.

Once the equipment is gathered coat your partner’s face with your topping of choice (see photo). Now the fun begins.

Toss cheese puffs at your partner’s face. The face with the most cheese puffs wins.

“Give it a whirl!” is Natale’s parting shot.

Click here to watch the video of this week’s game and watch the Icon for the next game video.

We can’t wait to watch pin-the-tail on the water balloon.