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October 25, 2020

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60 planting seasons ago in Ada

Here's the Ada High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) from the 1960-61 school year.

Front row from left, Paul Rausch, George Fee, Delbert Henry, Roger Burkholder and Chester Cheney.

Second row from left, Mr. J.J. Kreglow, Gary Wright, Wynn Hauenstein, Calvin Conley, Jim Treen and Ron Crouse.

Third row from left, Frank Badertscher, Bruce Brown, Gary Eckenrode, Ron Weihrauch, Don Everhart, Jerry Williams and Bryon Weihrauch.

Last week's poll results; invitation to take this week's poll

Here are the results from last week's Icon poll. This week's poll asks for your plan for handing out Halloween candy. Click here to take the poll.

Free breakfast and lunch will continue through end of school year

Originally set to end on Dec. 31

On Oct. 9, the U.S. Department of Agriculture extended its free breakfast and lunch program offered to school from Dec. 31 until the end of the school year.

Ada Schools participates in the federal meal program, which began Sept. 10.

The program was extended to all schools as a response to economic concerns brought on for many families by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students who have balances on their accounts can be used in the meantime for additional ala cart menu items beyond the basic lunch.  

Service still at ONU's foundational pillars

Students live to serve others however they can, pandemic or not

FROM ONU WEBSITE - In a time where anything “normal” in higher education is scarce, Ohio Northern University is still clinging tightly to one of its foundational pillars of existence: service.

Whether it looks like traditional community service, or something outside the box, our students live to serve others however they can, pandemic or not.

Thus far, Ohio Northern has been able to successfully implement COVID-19 safety measures and minimize risk without sacrificing a real, in-person college experience, and service is a large part of that experience.

On average, approximately 1,500 students volunteer roughly 50,000 hours of community service in a given year.

Weekend doctor: Covid-19 and myocarditis: A risk for athletes

Experts believe that exercising while infected with the virus increases the risk of developing myocarditis

By Michael Stump, MD
Blanchard Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

While the effects of COVID-19 infection on the lungs are well-publicized, it is not just a respiratory infection.

Coronavirus can also cause a condition called myocarditis, a viral infection of the heart muscle. Just like it affects the lungs, the virus can invade heart muscle cells, causing inflammation and damage. This condition can result in the weakening of the heart muscle and arrhythmias or irregular heartbeats.

Happy feet with diabetes

How to take care of your feet if you have diabetes

This column provided by ONU Healthwise Pharmacy.
Diabetes can lead to complications throughout your body, even in your feet. Learn how to keep your feet healthy and happy.

In people with diabetes, the feet face a two-sided attack. First, diabetes can slow blood flow to the feet, which can make it harder for cuts, sores and blisters to heal. Second, diabetes can lead to nerve damage — or neuropathy — that causes your feet to go numb.