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November 25, 2020

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Iconoclast View

The early bird gets...the blackberries

(Answer to the question: Where is the art? Presser Hall on the ONU campus.)

By Mary Pannabecker Steiner
One of my brothers lives in the mountains of Virginia where he regularly picks a variety of wild berries on his runs up the mountainside and into the woods.  This never really impressed me because I don’t like blackberries and raspberries so why bother picking them?

Okay, here's my opinion on how the college football playoffs should work

By Jake Dowling, Icon intern
If anyone watches college football, many would agree that the sport is fun to watch, with all of the upsets and great matchups. But, one would also know that it can be frustrating at times as well, especially if your team was not selected by a hand full of computers to play in the National Title Game.

University presidents and Notre Dame approved a playoff system, set to take place for the beginning of the 2014 football season, on June 27. This playoff system would pin the four best schools against each other in two semi-final games. Then the winners of the semi-finals would go on to play in the National Title Game.

Village Voice: The storm may have passed – but now what?

The Village Voice
The Village of Ada will be running informational articles about Village policies and services currently offered. These articles will be for informational purposes only, and further details and the complete Codified Ordinances may be found on the Village website, www.adaohio.org, or by calling the Village Water Office at 419-634-4045.

Anything on Wheels Poker Run planners "get things done"

Brett and Dana Walters are  ReStore June Volunteers of the Month.

Their most recent endeavor was planning and coordinating the First ever Anything on Wheels Poker Run which was held last Saturday. This event was coordinated by Brett and Dana.

Because of their hard work, caring attitudes, and determination to get things done, the Poker Run was a huge success.

"You may call me Inspector Jacques Clouseau"

"You may call me Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Pink Panther,"  insisted visiting Major LeBlanc, who spoke at a combined Ada Rotary-Kiwannis meeting on June 26 at The Inn at ONU.

He said this, speaking in a French accent. In fact, he started out his talk in French, switching to English - as an obvious joke. His opening lines broke the ice as he related his friendship with Mike Harnishfeger, Ada police chief.

LeBlanc talked about his one and one-half year experience in Afganistan. A video showing several Ada gifts being presented to the major are at the bottom of this story.

A story on the top of the home page includes the substance of his talk.

Do your good deed today for the Ready, Set, Grow Preschool

Do your good deed for today and for Ada.

This request is from Ready, Set, Grow Preschool, 4171 State Route 235, Ada.

Jami Dellifield, school dirrector, tells The Icon "We are trying to use social media to win a $250,000 business grant for our preschool. We can use everyone's help!"

Here's how you can help: 

Click the link below, scroll down, log on with your facebook account, and look up "Ada, OH" and "Ready, Set, ...Grow Preschool."

Then hit "VOTE."