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August 9, 2020

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Poetic License


The Icon saw this plate in Bluffton. And, fyi, we took this photo before the plate's expiration.


You may have to travel to Iowa to see this plate. The Icon spotted it in early March at the Ohio Northern University agriculture conferance. This guy's obviously an Iowa State fan and is certainly involved in agriculture.


Not every one deserves a zip code on a license plate. 45816 is Benton Ridge's zip code and that means this plate belongs to Fairy Parkins, the former postmaster in that village. You'll find this plate on blue-grey Buick LaCrosse CX.


License plate owner must be an Ada Bulldog fan even though it has a Hancock County sticker. The Icon spotted this plate parked at ONU during a high school basketball tourney at King Horn.


The Icon spotted MORGAN on the Bluffton University campus. This Wood County plate is on a dark grey VW.


The Icon spotted LEEANNE on a blue Kia Rio in the Carol Slane Florist parking lot.