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October 22, 2020

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Village Voice

Klingler Road reconstruction project delayed until end of month

This is this week's "Village Voice," provided by the Village of Ada.

In an ideal world, progress happens overnight and none of us are inconvenienced while
improvements are made.

Progress in Ada may not happen overnight, but we do like to warn residents when it’s coming, in an effort to minimize the level of inconvenience.

The Klingler Road Reconstruction Project has been awarded to Bluffton Paving, Inc.
The project officially began April 10, but weather will impact the date shovels first
hit the ground. The Village is expecting work to begin by the end of April.

Trees and the pool: Public meetings scheduled for next week

An important tool of communicating with residents about current and future needs of the Village is the use of public meetings. Public meetings allow Council and Village staff an opportunity to give residents background information on specific upcoming projects, and just as important, allows residents an opportunity to ask questions and voice comments regarding those specific projects.
Two such meetings will take place next week:

Village Voice: Village brush pick up/chipping service scheduled April 6

Have the winds of this winter helped ‘trim’ a few of your trees? Do you need to have some limbs picked up and chipped? Now is your chance!

The Village will conduct a monthly service of brush pick up/chipping and pick up on Monday, April 6.

One of the goals of brush chipping and pickup is to keep the tree lawn areas of the Village clear of debris, so that debris litter does not enter the storm sewer system. Brush or storm debris in the tree lawn area may be picked up by the Village, and residents may place additional brush for chipping in that area. Hired tree trimmers must clean up their own debris; the Village will not pick up brush left by commercial cutters.

Village Voice: It’s tax season – need assistance with your Ada village income taxes?

The Village of Ada uses the services of Central Collection Agency (also known as CCA) Division of Taxation for filing and payment of Village Income taxes. As a service to its customers, CCA schedules on site taxpayer assistance.

This year, auditors from CCA will be available at the Ada Depot on Saturday, March 28th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Auditors will be able to assist taxpayers with their Village of Ada income tax form preparations.

Village Voice: Sanitary sewer overflow report available

Did you know?
The Village of Ada is required by the federal Clean Water Act to obtain a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit because our wastewater treatment plant discharges treatment plant effluent into Grass Run Creek.

The wastewater is treated through the Village’s wastewater treatment plant before it is discharged into the creek and the treatment is overseen by licensed operators and subject to Ohio EPA inspections and codes.

Thanks for great participation from the public

Thank you!
Community involvement and input is a vital aspect of many of our improvement projects in the Village of Ada. On Tuesday night, over 25 people attended the public meeting held at the Ada Exempted Schools building to discuss the upcoming Klingler Road Reconstruction Project, the Safe Routes to School Project, and the Village’s sidewalk cost sharing program. The questions, comments and input of the public is greatly appreciated by Ada Village Council and administration.

If you are interested in more information on any of these programs, please contact Jim, Jamie or Angela in the Village Offices, 419-634-4045.