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October 22, 2020

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Village Voice

Village Voice: 2015 recycling calendars now available

The long awaited 2015 Waste Management recycling calendars have arrived in the Village Water Office.

Residents who have their refuse collected by Waste Management as a part of the Village contract also have recycling collection available to them. As in the past, the recycling is collected every other week, whereas the refuse is collected every week. Many residents have come to rely on the calendars, which are printed and sent to the Village by Waste Management each year.

Leaving for the holidays? Make some winter water plans

Finals week at ONU next week may explain the collective sigh you may hear settle over our community! Many students will be leaving their Ada homes to return to their families for the holiday break. Full time residents of Ada may also leave their homes over the holidays for more than a day or two in order to spend time with loved ones in other cities and states.

Returning home to a water situation over the winter months is not the welcome home party anyone wants. Avoid walking into a flooded home or apartment by remembering a few key points:

Village Voice: Some leaf pick up tips and reminders

Leaf Pick Up – Week 1 is complete!

The Village Street Crews have been going strong with leaf pick up over the past week. With week 1 done, here are a few reminders:

• Having your vehicles and refuse containers out of the way have been a great help! Please continue to keep your street as clear as possible.

• Any debris other than leaves in your piles can prevent the crews from being able to pick up leaves. Please make sure there are no branches, limbs, or other non-leaf material, including trash, in your leaf pile.

Village Voice: Thank you for supporting the pool levy

The Village Voice
The Village of Ada publishes informational articles about Village policies and services currently offered. These articles are for informational purposes only. Further details and the complete Codified Ordinances may be found on the Village website, www.adaoh.org, or by calling the Village Offices at 419-634-4045.

Thank you!
According to the unofficial results from the Hardin County Board of Elections, the Village of Ada Renewal Levy to support the Ada Municipal Pool has passed! The passage of the renewal levy will allow continued operations and maintenance at your Ada pool for the next 20 years.

Reminder – Leaf pick up season starts Monday

As you may have seen in your September water bill, the village will once again be conducting leaf pick up this fall. The first scheduled date of pick up is Monday, Nov. 3.

If you would like to have the village pick up your leaves, below are a few guidelines that you are asked to follow:
•  Please rake leaves only to the tree lawn area the day prior to your scheduled pick up. If there is debris or any material other than leaves in the piles, the village will not pick up your leaves, and you will be responsible for disposing of the leaves and debris. Debris could include, but is not limited to, tree branches, twigs and yard waste.

Village Voice: Ghouls, goblins and witches hit the sidewalks of Ada

The annual haunting of Ada’s Main Street and sidewalks takes place next week.

On Monday, Oct. 27, the annual Halloween parade sponsored by the Ada Kiwanis takes place. Registration begins at 5:30 p.m., in the parking lot behind the Municipal Building. The parade begins at 6 p.m. The Ada Area Chamber of Commerce and the Buy Local committee will also take part in the festivities with soup and pie cook-offs. Several area businesses will be open until 8 p.m., and horse drawn wagon rides will add to the downtown excitement.