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December 11, 2018

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Chemistry prof awarded patent

The same natural curiosity that spurred Jake Zimmerman toward a career in science has resulted in a patent for a research project that could eventually lead to a breakthrough to more easily detect dangerous amounts of lead in drinking water.

Zimmerman, ONU associate professor of chemistry, has long studied the ability of fluorescent compounds to serve as chemical sensors. He continued to see practical applications to his research, particularly in regards to current events.

The result was the awarding of both U.S. and international patents for his work.

“While we are still in the relatively early stages, down the road, an ideal outcome would be to develop a unit that detects unsafe levels of lead in drinking water in homes,” Zimmerman said.

This endeavor also has been valuable for ONU’s students. Zimmerman has mentored 8 undergraduate students in the project during a three-year period.