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January 24, 2021

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From our Florida correspondent

The Icon's Florida correspondent, Monty Siekerman, provides the following report, during his winter vacation in that southern state:

I’d rather make a donation in the milk aisle instead of the frozen meat case at Dollar General.

The nearest DG to us now has about 20 angus cows and one donkey in the field adjacent to the DG parking lot.

The cows (mostly moms and a few calves) are kept in their rather small space by a dilapidated fence, assuming its electrified. Crazy to see cows next to a DG on busy US 98, but, as you know, that’s Florida—modern merchandising next to a field of cows.

Same hold true for a busy, busy Walmart about 15 minutes away...cows graze in the field next to WMT.