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Blanchard Valley Health System

BVHS COVID-19 vaccine update

On Facebook Live Thursday

Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) will be hosting a Facebook Live entitled “BVHS COVID-19 Vaccine Update,” on Thursday, March 11 beginning at Noon.

BVHS President and CEO Myron Lewis and Dr. William Kose, vice president of special projects, will be joined by Findlay, Ohio Mayor, Christina Muryn for a discussion regarding the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Additional topics will include future plans for vaccination efforts, the city’s response, the mobile health clinic, state directives and more.

Vitamin K Injection in Newborns: A Lifesaving Recommendation

After the birth of a precious newborn, there are a few choices that parents make that can be a matter of life and death. One of the most important recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC is the one-time injection of Vitamin K. This vitamin shot prevents bleeding in the brain, which can cause permanent disability and death.  

Breastfeeding virtual presentation March 3

Blanchard Valley Health System will host a virtual presentation on Breastfeeding.

The program is part of its Live and Learn series. The program is livestreamed from noon to 1 p.m., Wednesday, March 3. Viewers may tune in following directions on the above flyer.

No covid-19 patients in Blanchard Valley Hospital

Myron Lewis: "This gives us hope that we are getting to the other side." He recommends people who have put off routine physician visits to contact their general practitioners

Myron Lewis, Blanchard Valley Health System president and CEO, reported on Tuesday in a Zoom interview with the Icon that there are currently no covid-19 patients in Blanchard Valley Hospital, Findlay.

“This gives us hope that we are getting to the other side,” he said. “Our hospital staff has been on a journey and we appreciate the support from our community and staff.”

He reiterated that the hospital is a safe place and that it is open. He added that many area residents have put off medical procedures during the pandemic.

He said that while people have been foregoing care for other things, he encouraged residents to take care of themselves.

Recognizing grief as part of the human experience

Grief is a response to any loss and is a human experience we all have in common. However, grief is often unrecognized as part of the human experience. Grief is an individual and unique journey that should be intentional in order to heal. Individuals respond differently to loss depending on relationship dynamics, circumstances surrounding the passing, support systems, presence of illness, cultural beliefs, religion and past experiences.

Men's health

Prostate enlargement treatment

Most of us are familiar with Benjamin Franklin's quote from 1789; "nothing is certain except death and taxes." To the men reading this column, we will add a third certainty: PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT! As men grow older and wiser, the prostate tends to follow. That doesn't mean that every man will develop voiding symptoms.

The prostate is a small gland located at the bottom of the bladder. It makes up the beginning of the tube that drains the bladder (urethra). Its primary function is to produce fluids important for the viability of the sperm.