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Memorial Day weekend news schedule

The Bluffton Icon has a holiday schedule for Memorial Day weekend 2024. New content will appear on Friday and, except for breaking news, pause until Tuesday morning.

Writers and photographers wanted

By Paula Pyzik Scott

For the upcoming weekend of May 4-5, I'd love to be a non-fiction Hermione Granger or at least to borrow her magical time turner that allows her to be in more than one place at once.

Icon Garage Sale season is here

Did you know that garage sale ads are FREE on the Bluffon Icon and Ada Icon? A list of ads is also shared on Facebook, on our daily email update and on this Google Map.

View of the eclipse from Ada, Ohio

By Paula Pyzik Scott

Thank you to our viewers who shared their thoughts and photos of the April 8 total solar eclipse (video HERE).

Beth Howard of Ada commented, "Eclipse day was a fun family day. The kids played football and took breaks often to put on their glasses and check the sun. Our playlist for the day included "Walking on the Sun" and "Dancing in the Moonlight." Then we all looked up and were amazed! WOW!"

Photographer Ken Collins captured the full eclipse and a moment when the sun was not quite covered by the moon, demonstrating the awesome power of the fiery orb.

Gail Altstaetter of the Mercantile on Main sent a heavenly image of downtown Ada with the darkened sky laced by wisps of cloud.  


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