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Historical Ada

What became of "the most remarkable of all mounds in Ohio?"

In part 3 of his series, Fred Steiner offers an account from “The History of Hardin County, Ohio,” published by Warner, Beers and Co., in 1883. 

By Fred Steiner

Most remarkable of all mounds in Ohio
The most remarkable of all mounds in the State was one in Hardin County, in which were found about three hundred skeletons. A doubt has, however, been expressed that these were all Mound Builders skeletons.

F&M picnic memorabilia shared

The Ada Historical Society is looking for materials from Farmers and Merchants Picnics from earlier years up to about the 1980s.

Here's one submission from Bill Garver on Facebook: 

Ada Tri-County Farmers and Mechanics Fair premium booklet, circa 1883.

Note that is the "mechanics" fair and not yet the "merchants" fair. 

A Shawnee Indian walked from Oklahoma to Bluffton

To see the land where he once camped

By Fred Steiner

First of a series of articles pertaining to indigenous people of the Allen, Hancock, Hardin and Putnam counties. 

From a 1928 Bluffton News, history of the community–While Michael Neuenschwander, the first Swiss settler to this community, constructed a temporary hut as his family dwelling a party of Indians came through and stopped.  

Fast east-bound freight through Ada

You may reconize this photo from an earlier Icon posting. It was shared on the Facebook group Old Photos of Forgotten Ohio. In this article the original Iconoclast, Fred Steiner, illuminates us on the early 20th century railroad in Ada.

By Fred Steiner

Here’s a Pennsylvania Railroad freight train traveling from Lima, passing eastbound through Ada in 1938. Unlike the Nickel Plate Road through Bluffton, the Pennsylvania Railroad was double-tracked and carried many more trains each day.

Ada Historical Society holds public meeting at private Ada museum

The Ada Historical Society, which typically meets monthly at the Ada Public Library, will hold an open house on Wednesday, August 17, 2022:

  • 6:00-8:00 p.m.
  • Lee Crouse's Ada Museum
  • 4236 State Rouste 81, Ada, Ohio

Learn more about the society at or speak with Rhett Grant, society president and director of the Ada Public Library, 320 N Main St, (419) 634-5246.

The society has a Facebook group at

The society was formed in 2017. Mission statement:

Famed pro hoop team barnstormed through Ada over a century ago

By Cort Reynolds

In my constant reading and search for more historical and sports knowledge, I came across an interesting bit of hoop history tied to Ada in a book I bought this spring.

As a native of Indiana and lifelong player, chronicler and historian of the game, I am always looking for new information on basketball history. 

My extensive personal library has hundreds of basketball books, dozens of biographies, many old Basketball Digest and Street and Smith's magazines, annual handbooks, and other team histories, as well as some of my own self-published trivia game books.