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Weekend Doctor: Penicillin allergy

By Maria Slack, MD
Allergy and Immunology Specialists of Northwest Ohio

Do you have a penicillin allergy? Even if you were allergic, you may not be any longer!

With the cold and flu seasons come frequent trips to the doctor’s office. For some, treatment with an antibiotic is needed and having an antibiotic allergy can really limit a person’s options, causing providers to treat with less safe, less effective and more costly antibiotics.

Weekend Doctor: Monkeypox

By William Kose, MD, JD
Vice President of Special Projects – Blanchard Valley Health System

Just when we think we are turning the corner on COVID-19, despite its numerous variants, another infection is causing headlines. Monkeypox … what is it? Where did it come from? How does it spread? Do I need to be worried?

Weekend Doctor: Sleepwalking

By Emily Decker, MD
Primary Care Pediatrics, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Through a collaboration between Blanchard Valley Health System and Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the content of this article was provided courtesy of Nationwide’s 700 Children’s® blog by pediatric experts.

Sleepwalking happens when a child is asleep but does activities such as sitting up, getting out of bed, eating, or even getting dressed. Those activities could last a few seconds to a half hour–and the child will usually never remember they did it. It usually happens within the first couple hours of a child falling asleep.

Weekend Doctor: Joint replacement surgery

By Jim Davidson, MD and Katie Fultz, PA-C

Blanchard Valley Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Often a patient has been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of a large joint (hip, knee, shoulder) and among treatment options discussed, joint replacement surgery may be considered. Typically, a joint replacement is reserved for the treatment of severe osteoarthritis when non-surgical treatments are no longer working. A joint replacement is replacing the cartilage ends of two bones where they come together to make a joint with a metal and plastic prosthetic. Once a patient has met with their orthopedic provider and decided a joint replacement is the right treatment option for them, there is preparation that can be done. This preparation is crucial to joint replacement success. Often, some of these things should start to be addressed upon initial diagnosis of the disease.

Weekend Doctor: Toddler snack tactics

By Ericca Lovegrove, RD, LD
Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition
Nationwide Children’s Hospital

For toddlers, snacking is a very important part of the day. Unlike adults, they need to eat more frequently to maintain their energy levels. Healthy snacks help control toddler hunger while providing a nutritious boost, but how can parents ensure their little ones will still be hungry for dinner after a day of snacking? Here are some tips to help structure your toddler’s diet and not spoil their dinners.

Weekend Doctor: Continuous glucose monitoring

By Thomas Grace, MD, Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialists of Northwest Ohio 

CGM stands for Continuous Glucose Monitoring, the newest and best way for people with diabetes to monitor their glucose levels. Simply put, a CGM is a patch that you can wear on your skin that allows the user to see their blood glucose level consistently, in real time. Someone with diabetes would be able to track what is happening to their glucose level continuously throughout the day. Not only do these devices show blood glucose readings, but they also provide predictive trends to show users where their blood glucoses are headed. Unlike the traditional glucometers on the market, you do not have to poke your finger, which is painful and burdensome.