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Weekend Doctor: Cracking the barefoot code

By Thomas Vail, DPM
Podiatry Staff, Blanchard Valley Health System

Read your footprints and discover how you roll! Like a good detective story, your bare footprints can leave clues to your foot health and drop hints about possible problems. Before we crack the barefoot code, here's a quick course on walking patterns.

  • The heel usually hits the ground first.
  • As the foot moves forward, the arch flattens, and weight is transferred to the ball of the foot.
  • As you push off from the ball of the foot, the arch springs upward and does not touch the ground.

At least, that's how normal feet are supposed to work. Unfortunately, many feet aren't normal. In normal feet, this movement is straight. If the foot rolls to the inside, it's called "overpronation" and can strain the arch and hurt the knee. If the foot rolls to the outside, it's called "underpronation" and can lead to stress fractures and ankle sprains.

A medical perspective on eclipse planning

By William H. Kose, MD, JD
Vice President of Special Projects, Blanchard Valley Health System

On Monday, April 8, Northwest Ohio will get a front-row seat to a total solar eclipse. The moon will gradually begin to block the sun in the early afternoon, and the eclipse will reach totality (meaning the moon will entirely block the sun) at approximately 3:10 p.m.

Only a small region of the United States will experience the total solar eclipse, so Northwest Ohio anticipates visitors from outside the area for this once-in-a-lifetime event. At Blanchard Valley Health System, we encourage our community to plan ahead with health and safety in mind.

Eye safety is vital. Looking directly at the sun without proper protection can cause permanent damage to your vision, even if there does not appear to be much light.

Only look at the eclipse using eclipse glasses that indicate that they comply with ISO 12312-2 requirements. Regular sunglasses do not offer adequate protection. Eclipse glasses are designed for viewing the eclipse without a telescope, camera, or binoculars and should not be used with any of these devices.

Weekend Doctor: Physical exam role in chronic pain management

By Matthew Nienberg, PA-C
Pain Management, Blanchard Valley Pain Management

In the world of modern medicine, where cutting-edge technology and innovative treatments often take center stage, it’s easy to overlook the fundamental principles that underpin healthcare. There is power in returning to the basics, where the foundations of compassionate care, thorough patient examinations, and patient education play a pivotal role in patients overcoming their chronic pain.

The Physical Examination

One of the core principles of our approach is the value of the physical examination. During every patient visit, a provider should take the time to lay hands on patients, using a blend of time-tested and specialized physical examinations. These hands-on assessments are invaluable in diagnosing common spine conditions and offering a window into the patient’s physical state.

Some of the common physical examinations include the following: 

New appliances help Bluffton Hospital rehabilitation patients

Rehabilitation patients at the Bluffton Hospital swing bed unit will get a better chance to practice their household living skills with the arrival of several new appliances. This is expected not only to help their caregivers in discharge planning, but also to help patients themselves gain confidence.

Tobacco Cessation Program can help smokers quit for good

As part of its commitment to not just treat, but also prevent, disease, Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) offers individual counseling and education for community members who wish to quit smoking.

The Tobacco Cessation Program at Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine of Northwest Ohio, 1900 S Main St., Findlay, takes an evidence-based team approach tailored to each smoker’s individual needs. The dedicated team of “quit specialists” provides resources, education, medication support, accountability and encouragement for each step of the journey.

Different tools may work for different people, and some smokers may want guidance finding the right approach for them.

Dr. Grace Eberly joins Pediatric Associates of Northwest Ohio

Blanchard Valley Health System is pleased to announce that Dr. Grace Eberly has joined the teams at Caughman Health Center and Pediatric Associates of Northwest Ohio, divisions of the health system.

Dr. Eberly is welcoming new patients at 1800 North Blanchard Street, Suite 121, Findlay, and at 122 North Jackson Street, Bluffton.

Dr. Eberly earned a bachelor of science degree in world religions, with a minor in biological sciences, from Ohio University, followed by a medical degree from Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her residency in pediatrics at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Columbus, Ohio).

“I am honored to be joining the extraordinary providers and associates at Caughman Health Center, who make a difference in the lives of their patients each and every day,” Dr. Eberly said. “I am looking forward to providing care for area children and their families.”