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Update on Hardin County Dairy 4-H Club

By Reporter, Elaine Webster

Today's 4-H meeting we had a special speaker, Mark Light. He showed us through the Spark Lab, The Spark Lab was made for creativity and inamation.

The lab has multiple different electronics from laptops, to Apple tvs and even to a 3D printer. A 3D printer is a machine that takes corn-based plastic heated up to 215 c or 400 f, and makes a any design you want!

Good News Club

About 20 Ada elementary students attend Good News Club. The children have devotions, listen to a Bible lesson, memorize verses, sing, and play games every Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

The program is sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship, which also has a five-day club in Ada in the summer and a ministry at the Hardin County Fair.

Sarah Elsea leads the group at the school. She is assisted by Tim Jackson.

Ashley Breidenbach elected president of Cessna Minutemen 4-H Club

By  Zac Breidenbach

Cessna Minutemen met at the Walnut Grove Church on Monday April 4th.
Past President Cory Ludwig led the meeting.
Leading the Pledges were Cymon Crowe and Shelby Smith.
Roll call and minutes from last meeting read by Ashley Breidenbach.

The club thanked those who came and helped at the annual Cessna Township Trash pick up on Saturday April 2nd with 11 members and 6 parents participating.

Brice Ferguson elected president of Ada Barnyard Farmers 4-H Club

April 10,  Ada Barnyard Farmers 4-h club hosted their second meeting at the Sugar Grove Church.      

The pledge of allegiance was by Dakota Gossman and the 4-H pledge was by Elise Allen.  Members who had demonstrations were Brice Ferguson, Riley Ferguson and Wyatt Ferguson.  New business: Books in (not all of them came) Officers election

 President: Brice Ferguson

 Vice President: Austin Amburgey

 Secretary: Caitlyn Stover

 Treasurer: Riley Ferguson

 Health & Safety: Melia Santillanez

 Recreation: Jillian Hazelton &Wyatt Ferguson

Ada HS Spanish 4 class visits Immersion Day at Bluffton

¿Cómo está usted?"

The Ada High School Spanish 4 class will attend an Immersion Day hosted by the Spanish department of Bluffton University on Friday, April 15.

Students attending will be Katey Stuart, Rylan Hissong, Hayden Pitts, Casey Swick, Olivia Gonder, Tatum Killgallon.

Students will spend the day immersed in the Spanish language and culture and by attending a variety of sessions, including games, pop culture, literature and film, study abroad experiences, and a scavenger hunt. 

Ada elementary students inspired by sister-author team

By Monty Siekerman

Author/illustrators Janet Stevens (left) and her sister, Susan Stevens Crummel spoke to elementary children at Ada Schools on Tuesday morning.

Janet said it was rewarding to her and her sister to reach out to kids through their books, encourage them to learn to read, and, maybe, inspire some children to be writers and illustrators.

The school sponsored a book fair of the sisters' many books during the past week.

The writers were at Bath school the day before and autographed 600 books that were purchased there.