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Ada Chamber meeting to feature Ohio Means Jobs-Hardin County

The Ada Area Chamber of Commerce will hold a July membership meeting featuring Geanna England and Annetta Shirk from Ohio Means Jobs - Hardin County. 

Menifee K. “Bob” Colley worked for Nickles Bakery

Menifee K. “Bob” Colley, age 72, of McGuffey, passed away on Friday, July 12, 2024 at his residence, surrounded by his family. 

Gators 8th after day 1 of WOAL meet

At right, Ada Gators parade at the 2024 WOAL Champs in Bluffton

Ada’s Baumgartner wins 2 races

By Cort Reynolds

BLUFFTON – The Ada Gators summer swim team is eighth after day one of the annual two-day West Ohio Aquatic League championship meet in Bluffton Friday, July 12.

Weekend Doctor: What's Recreational Water Illness?

By Gina Bailey, BSN, RN
Infection Preventionist, Quality/Infection Control, Blanchard Valley Health System

Summer is here, and now is the time to enjoy the weather and get into the water. But many do not know that while you are in the lazy river or perfecting your cannonball, you are coming into contact with bacteria, viruses and parasites. Most of these will not cause you to become sick, but some can cause what is known as Recreational Water Illness (RWI). 

The most common RWIs are diarrhea, skin rashes and swimmer's ear. They occur when you swallow or inhale contaminated water, get contaminated water into your ears or into cuts of your skin. Contaminated water can be found in natural locations like streams, oceans and lakes or in public pools, hot tubs and water parks. Most of the time, these pathogens are killed with chlorine and other pool chemicals, but not always.


Field reports from ODW officers, July 2024

Northwest Ohio – Wildlife District Two
During Ohio’s white-tailed deer gun hunting season in 2023, State Wildlife Officer Nathan Robinson, assigned to Van Wert County, and State Wildlife Officer Supervisor Troy Reimund observed a hunter carrying a shotgun who avoided the patrol vehicle.

Can you date this Ada-Liberty township map?

Here's a new treasure shared on the Ada, Ohio Historical Society Facebook group, an early hand lettered map of Liberty Township and Ada. This social media page has 1.1K members and frequently shares photos and provides answers to inquiries.