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May 27, 2020

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15 minutes with Zoe Laird: "I think it would be cool to meet Arnold Palmer"

15 minutes with Zoe Laird

What year are you in school?
I am a senior.

What are some of the school activities that you are involved in?
Varsity golf, marching/concert/pep/varsity singers band, quiz bowl, National Honor Society and Language Club.

Let's talk about college for a moment. What colleges are you looking at and what area of study might you pursue?
Roger Williams University in Bristol Rhode Island is my top choice, but I am also looking at University of New Haven, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Ohio Northern University. I would like to study civil engineering, but focusing on the structural side of it.

How did you become interested in civil engineering?
I always liked building things, I have three of those HUGE buckets of Legos and an even bigger set of blocks, and I always tried to build my towers as tall as possible before it would fall over. That, and I just think the way that buildings and bridges are designed and planned so that they can withstand everyday use, traffic and various other issues that get thrown at them is fascinating. 

What's the most recent book you read?
The most recent book I've finished is "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien, but the most recent book that I have read out of was the Norton Anthology book from English class.

If you could meet one famous living person, who would that be?
Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer?
I don't know why I just think it would be cool to meet him.

What's the worst grade you ever received and explain what happened.

I got a 65 percent on a project in seventh grade history class. It was over mythology and our group was full of people who were unable to get together to work on things, so when it came time to present it we had nothing prepared so we just went with it... normally that works, but this time it did not. I was glad that I had a really good grade in that class so it didn't drop my overall grade too low in the end.

Will you be voting for president in November? Have you decided who you'll vote for? No... I miss it by about 49 days.

Can you recall the student you sat beside in the first grade?
No... but then I can't remember who I sat next to in any class, ever.

What's your favorite food in the cafeteria?
The grilled cheese.

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