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November 19, 2019

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Observations: Church, cats and crossings (railroad)

Two Lessons from Church
Giving the children's sermon at the Baptist Church, Pastor Jack  Duffy told of a lady who was blind from birth, how it was difficult for her to get by in the world. However, the woman said, "The first person I see will be Jesus."

Later, Dave Rouch, giving a testimonial about his walk in faith, recounted this: I was the driver, God was in the backseat giving directions; then I learned God should be in the driver's seat.

Pitty the Poor Cats and Dogs
This month's cold and snow must make it difficult for stray cats and dogs to survive...if only more were rescued.

Recently, I've been putting some food out for feral cats, hoping to help them through a tough winter when its hard for them to scavenger for scraps or wildlife.  I have seen four cats, sad-looking and scared, feed from my offering.

I think that maybe I shouldn't do that because it will take away their ability to hunt. But I do it anyway, planning to quit my meager offerings come spring, for then they can search the best they can on their own. Bugs, mice, trash will be more plentiful.

Two things...spay and neuter your pets...give pet food to the county humane society. ReStore is a collection point for pet food donations.

In recent years, some drivers went around the railroad gates in town since trains traveled so slowly and had many cars attached to them. But it is wise to take heed of the police warning to no longer cross the tracks when the gates are down...and the police will be watching for infractions.

With the new track installed, trains are roaring thru Ada much faster, even the casual observer will notice. And, there are more trains. Take note for your safety.

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