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November 13, 2019

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Observations, insights & sighting: Birds, quiet town and ONU

All About the Birds...No Bees
One local resident reported a flock of 50 robins near the railroad park downtown. A couple of days later another large group of robins was spotted elsewhere in Ada. So, this sent us to our computer to learn more about migration of the American robin. Are they arriving this early? It's the dead of winter, temps hovering around zero. Any robin in this territory would have trouble pulling a worm from the ground.

Seems that some robins stay in Ada all winter. When they do, it is common to find them in large flocks.

The recent sightings of our Harbinger of Spring are probably full-time residents, not recent arrivals from Florida or Texas. If you Google "robin migration" you can follow robin sightings as they journey north, going as far as Alaska. You can volunteer to help track robin arrivals. Check it out.

Oh, So Quiet
Lucky is the dog owner who can let pup out in a fenced area. My golden retriever needed a potty break at 2 a.m. when the wind chill was minus 15. Conclusion: Ada is a very quiet place then.

ONU Physical Upgrades
No major building, renovations, remodeling or improvements are planned on campus this year.