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August 18, 2019

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Observations, insights & sightings: The latest adult craze

By Monty Siekerman
Coloring for adults is the latest craze.

Why? It's relaxing, lowers stress, you end up with something beautiful, coloring can be fun (some books are humorous), and there is a level of nostalgia about coloring like when you were a child.

The Ada Public Library has a Coloring Book Club for those 13 years old and older. Sessions begin at 6 pm. You can come and go as you please between then and closing at 8 pm.

The next session will be Thursday, Feb. 7.

Supplies are provided--the coloring books and color pencils and markers. Crayons aren't usually used because the designs are too detailed for the thicker crayons.

How "hot" is coloring for adults?

Very much a craze in that those who design the pages to be colored can hardly keep up with making new designs. Publishers of the books can hardly keep up with printing and distributing the books. Stock tip: Buy Crayola.

The book that started the craze in 2013, "Secret Garden," has sold over 2 million copies. That's one of 9 books available at the local library to try your hand at.

Be a kid again -- relax and color -- from 6 to 8 pm, Feb. 7, at the library.