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May 27, 2020

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15 minutes with Amos Wolber

He learned the machinist trade working at Lima Locomotive Works

By Monty Siekerman
The Ada Icon caught up with Amos Wolber at the Harold and Nancy Barker home where Amos was filling a tank with fuel for his riding mower. In two months, Amos will be 95 years old...and he's still going strong.

Amos continues to repair lawnmowers, even make the mower parts, if needed. He's been a machinist most of his life, having learned the trade at Lima Locomotive, which turned into Lima Baldwin Hamilton, which turned into Clark Equipment, which finally closed the facility in Lima.

Amos was born in Ada, but lived elsewhere. In his youth, he took farm jobs in various states.

He's a World War ll vet, serving in the Army in France where he once took a bullet. Amos lives just north of the local VFW Post, but he's not a member. His house sits on 7 acres.

You'll often see him mowing as you travel SR 235 north out of town.

What does he attribute his good health and longevity to? "I've never smoked or drank beer or whiskey; maybe that's it," he said.