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Kosovo comes to ONU

Ambassador speaks to law class

Ambassador Tenta Sahatqija (second from left) meets with Prof. Howard Fenton and several ONU students from Kosovo during a law class.

She later gave a public lecture about women in politics, especially in emerging nations. Also pictured are Xhevdet Halili, LL.M. student from Kosovo; Avni Alidemaj, LL.M. student from Kosovo; Albana Bylykbashi, Second Secretary, Consulate General of the Republic of Kosovo, New York; and Shaban Kryeziv, LL.M. student from Kosovo.

The ambassador is the head of the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Kosovo in NYC where she is in charge of the Kosovo consulate and liaison with the United Nations. She is an activist who is attempting to empower women in politics, business, and other areas of society.

Kosovo is 95 percent Muslim with about the same land area as Connecticut and has about half that state's population. Kosovo, with its 2,000,000 people, declared its independence in 2008.

Prof. Fenton, a longtime professor of law at ONU, is the director of the Center of Democratic Governance and director of the Legal Education Visiting Afghan Scholar Program.