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Todd Madison

April 30, 2017

Poetic License

BACH 3 - does this mean that somewhere in Ohio is Bach 1 and Bach 2? The Icon spotted this plate on a slate-colored Chevy Cruze in Ada. And, it's on a Bald Eagle special plate. Anyone who can tell us about the plate's meaning, please let us know at: info@adaicon.com

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Once upon a time in Ada

When did Warren G. Harding visit ONU?

Once upon a time in Ada

Things you didn’t know about your own hometown

By Lee Crouse


February 11, 1910 the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial Tablet was dedicated to the Ada Public Schools on behalf of E.W. Gilbert, of Los Angeles, California. It is a bronze and marble memorial tablet bearing the immortal words of Lincoln uttered at a dedication of the Gettysburg battlefield as a national cemetery

March 1910 Warren G. Harding of Marion addressed Ohio Northern University’s student body at the chapel service.

March 1925 the Isaac Walton Chapter is organized in Ada. 26 members were secured with E.E. Long named temporary chairman and Edgar Park secretary-treasurer. The league stands for the protection of all fish and game and each member takes an oath to abide by the game laws, and report to the proper officials anyone he sees violating them. A permanent president was elected in April 1925 and Dr. Roy E. Evans was elected vice-president and Guy L. Smith secretary-treasurer. John Lantz was made entertainment chairman. Other members were C.H. Freeman, Elwood Van Horn and S.M. McCurdy. In all there are 28 members.