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Steve Guyton

May 24, 2017

Poetic License

Who ya for? The answer: both. This ONU and OSU supporter wears his school loyalty on his sleeve...or, in this case, his license plate. The two-university plate was spotted on a black Altima on ONU's campus.

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Blanchard Pleasant Buckeyes 4-H Club met Monday

The Blanchard Pleasant Buckeyes 4-H Club met Monday evening, April 17, at the Hardin Northern school with 39 members, 9 advisers, and 3 guests. Recreation for the evening was an Egg Relay led by Makenna Eibling. 

      Megan Miller gave a Treasurer's Report, and Emma Miller led role call. There was a safety demonstration by Kylie Clem on the importance of learning how to ride a bike safely. The club discussed using money for book taxes. Books were handed out by Bob Mcbride. 

     Trivia was led by Vern Woodruff Jr., Maryanne Woodruff, and Carl Woodruff. The meeting was moved to adjourn by Maryanne Woodruff and seconded by Aidan Gatchell. Alex Gatchell led the Lord's Prayer. Refreshments were provided by Kylie Clem and Cooper Thomas.