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December 11, 2018

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ODOT's snowplow truck inspected and ready for winter

ODOT's 1,629 snowplow trucks have been inspected and are ready to roll.

Last year, which wasn't a terribly snowy season, saw ODOT trucks drive over 6.8 million miles (or like 275 trips around the Earth). Crews used 600,000 tons of salt and 12 million gallons of deicer on the 43,000 lane miles of roadway.

And they have a pleas for you:
While we work hard to clear snow and ice, we need your help as well. ODOT plows were struck 35 times in 2016. Please be sure to give our drivers plenty of room to work. Plow trucks typically drive much slower than other traffic, so be extra alert when driving near them.