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July 13, 2020

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Ada's new water park

With a waterfall, water cannons, soaking bench, spray hoops, jets of water squirting out, and a tumbling water bucket


By Monty Siekerman
The young and young-at-heart are in for a treat when the village swimming pool opens on May 26, the Saturday before Memorial Day.

Construction on the million dollar improvement began last fall, progressed through the winter, and will be ready when warmer weather and sunshine arrive in late May.

Here is what swimmers can look forward to:

A waterpark with a waterfall, water cannons, soaking bench, spray hoops, jets of water squirting out, and a tumbling water bucket, if you want to get extra wet.

All of the cement around the pool is new. The cement deck around the pool has been expanded. There is all new lighting.

There is a new area for concessions, now part of the main building.

The entry for admission has been updated. The interior has areas of ceramic tile and wood paneling making it look cabin-like. And, the ticket counter has a facing of pebbles that gives the impression of flowing water.

The mechanics of operating the pool are all new, too. There is a new filtration and pump system.

The changing areas and restrooms will have new flooring, fixtures, tile, and paint.

The pool is unchanged.

K2 Construction Co. of Delaware, Ohio, is the general contractor. Patriot Concrete of Bluffton is the subcontractor for the cement, and a lot of cement has been required.

Recently, Council increased the wages for management, lifeguards, and cashiers. In doing so, there are now 10 applicants for manager/assistant manager positions instead of only two who applied before the wage increase was announced. Village Administrator Jamie Hall, who has been overseeing the construction project, said he hopes more people will apply to be lifeguards.

Mayor Dave Retterer commented, “Spring may be late in coming, but swim weather will be here in less than two months and those heading to the pool in May will be pleasantly surprised by all of the upgrades.”


•The entry to the pool remains in the same location, but the interior has a totally new look with some wood siding added and a counter made of pebbles that looks like flowing water. The new floor was installed on Friday.

• The stonework on the new pool building matches very closely with the main center section which was built in 1933.
The area marked 1 is the new concession stand area, now attached to the main building.

The original center section continues to be the entry way, restrooms and changing rooms.

The area marked 3 is new and contains mechanical equipment for the operation of the pool, such as filters and pumps. The left side of the photo is south.