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April 18, 2019

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He's there to ensure safety

Dave Sparks is the first-ever school resource officer at Ada Schools

By Monty Siekerman
He’s there to ensure safety.

And, he has loads of experience in police work.

Dave Sparks is the first-ever school resource officer at Ada Schools.

He is among the first to arrive at the school in the morning and among the last to leave when the school day is done.

He’s in uniform and he has a gun. He carries radios and phones to make quick contact, if the need ever arises.

He knows his business. He was with the State Patrol for 28 years, working out of the Lima and Findlay Posts. Then he served the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office for another 9 years. He resides near Roundhead and has lived in Hardin County all of his life.  

In addition to working in the school and on the grounds during the school day, you'll find him at many after-school events such as football games and programs in the school auditorium and cafeteria. He won’t always be in uniform on those occasions.

Ada, and schools large and small across the nation, have several levels of security some of which are known to the public and some plans are confidential because no one wants to tip-off a would-be killer about what security is in place.

Big schools in cities have had “school police” for several years. Now small schools are hiring safety personnel because incidents can arise anywhere. This plague doesn’t only affect schools, but mass killings are reported more and more frequently in malls, churches, manufacturing companies, bars, offices, wherever people congregate. It’s the sign of the times and security is paramount.