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October 24, 2020

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Ada police seeing cases of residents falling victim to scams

Legitimate agencies will never ask for money over the phone

Michael Harnishfeger, Ada police chief, issues a scam warning today on the Ada Police Facebook.

He wrote that while reviewing several cases that have come into the police department he noticed that several residents have fallen victim to online or phone scams.

Here’s the police department's advice to residents:

It seems like every day I receive one or two phone calls that start by asking me to "please do not hang up." This is my instant cue to hang up. 

I have found that hanging up on any, even remotely, suspicious call is the best way to keep my information safe and protect myself from identity theft.

Recently we have had residents fall prey to callers claiming to be with the U.S. Marshal's office or the IRS. 

The caller tells the victim that he or she has outstanding warrants or money due and demands payment by use of money cards or gift cards. In several instances the victim has been told to stay on the phone with the caller while traveling to Rite Aid or Walmart to make these purchases. 

Once the card is purchased, the victim is told to reveal the numbers on the card and give those numbers or send a photo of the numbers to the caller. Once the numbers have been transmitted, they now have your money and there is virtually nothing that law enforcement can do.

Whether online or phone, never, ever entertain a suspicious caller; hang up, do not respond and never give any personal information.

Don't risk it
As real or legitimate a call, email or website may seem, don't risk becoming a victim. Legitimate agencies will never ask for money over the phone. Legitimate agencies or services will never ask you to send them money for a promise of money to be sent to you later.

In many cases scammers will send a check in a rather large amount, requesting that the victim cash the check and then send a portion back to them. Again, it's a scam and you will be the victim and lose your money.

Don't be fooled and don't entertain the thought of easy money. The best way to protect yourself is to simply hangup and don't respond to suspicious emails or websites.