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September 23, 2019

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4-H Clubs

Hardin Hootenannies 4-H Club involved in lots of summer activities

By reporter, Faith Holbrook

The Hardin County Hootenannies 4-H Club are doing our group project, Star Spangled Foods and use the foods for our refreshments. 

For each meeting, the group has a certain menu from the project that a couple members work together to make and the other members do homework, experiments and physical exercises. 

This week Dylan and Levi Beiler made Snickerdoodle cookies. Dylan explained sugar was not available in large quantities in the American pioneer days and they learned to cook/bake with less. Levi shared how to measure ingredients. 

Hootenannies watch feed grinding

By Faith Holbrook, Reporter

Hardin County Hootenannies 4-H report

By Meadow Cromer, acting reporter

Megan Williams, our vice-president, was acting president at the last Hardin Co Hootenannies 4-H meeting.  Preston Brien led the American flag pledge and Seth Davis led the 4-H pledge.  There were 10 members present.  Old business was the goat clinic to be held at Cromer's on Aug 4th .  We talked about the fishing derby at Russ Cahill's pond on last Tuesday.

Dillon and Levi Beiler agreed to help with a community project on Monday evening and Preston Brien and Landyn Hijma will join them on Wednesday to help.

Blanchard Pleasant Buckeyes Report

By Cassidy Deckling

The Blanchard Pleasant Buckeyes held their 5th meeting on Mnday, June 3 from 7 p.m.-8:30 p.m.  Grant Hites brought the meeting to order with Paytin Pore leading the 4-h pledge and Grant Hites leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call included 47 members, 10 advisors, and 7 guests.

This meeting was the Quality Assurance meeting where all livestock members were present. Non-livestock members had a project study session. The focal point of this meeting was watering your animals.

Update from Hardin County Hootenannies

The Hardin Co Hootenannies’ president, Laura Spradlin, opened the last meeting and asked Preston Brien to lead the American flag pledge and Megan Williams to lead the 4-H pledge.  Secretary, Miranda Holbrook asked each member to say their favorite animal for the roll call and we had 11 members present.

Old business:
Just before the meeting, club members planted a Blue Spruce for Ag Credit as a thank you for allowing us to meet in their nice meeting room.  Branch Manager, Ranae Sherman thanked the group for the nice way of showing their gratitude.

Hardin County May 4-H newsletter posted on Icon

The Ada Icon now has the May Hardin County 4-H newsletter posted for Icon viewers. It is an attachment at the bottom of this story.

It includes several important calendar dates related to the Hardin County Fair plus other significant 4-H news.