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July 4, 2020

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Ada Public Library

Library board meeting notice

Finishing touches

In preparation of a grand re-opening on April 28

By Monty Siekerman
Workers from K&R Landscaping in Leipsic plant a spiral juniper near the new front door of the Ada Public Library on Tuesday.

Finishing touches—including installation of landscaping—are underway to complete a major addition and remodeling of the library which will have a grand reopening on Saturday, April 28.

celebration of the completion of the project will begin at 10:30 a.m. with remarks by Director Rhett Grant. Tater the Clown will be there to entertain children.

Refreshments will be served. The grand reopening will continue until 1:30 p.m. The library celebrated its centennial last year.

It's a puzzle

Test your art history knowledge on this puzzle

By Monty Siekerman
Can you identify this famous painting created by one of history’s foremost artists?

Hint: the sun in the upper right may help you, although the painting is mostly the sky at night, with the sun just coming up in the morning.

The artist used haystacks and crows in many of his paintings, but not this one. Ok, here is the the dead giveaway hint...the artist cut off one of his ears.

To find the answer, click on read more.

New library entrance now open

The newly-constructed north entrance and parking lot of the Ada Public Library is now open. The entrance on the west side facing Main Street will remain an entrance, as well.

The library will be open its regular hours on Good Friday. Those hours are 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Attention genealogy buffs

If you have an Ada library card Ancestry.com is awating you

By Monty Siekerman
Attention all genealogy buffs.

The Ada Public Library has Ancestry.com available to use (as long as you have a library card) for free. It can cost $200-$400 annually to personally subscribe to Ancestry.com. depending on the access preferred.

On Saturday, Rhett Grant, library director, gave a tutorial to those interested in learning about their family history.

Brian Humphreys, who attended, has been delving into his family genealogy since the age of 10. He has traced his family tree to the 1500s in Europe, even traveling to England and Germany to search for information.

Ada library director meets Library of Congress librarian

With Congressman Bob Latta in Perrysburg

Rhett Grant (right), director of the Ada Public Library meets with Congressman Bob Latta and Carla Hayden, Library of Congress librarian.

The trio met Friday in Perrysburg where Ms. Hayden spoke of her efforts to make the “library of the people” more accessible to all Americans. She runs a facility with 3,000 employees and an annual budget of $618 million.

The 214-year-old venerable institution houses 162 million items. Appointed by President Obama, she is the first woman and first African-American to head the Library of Congress.