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October 22, 2020

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Chloe's Tech Tips

Does this drab winter weather make you dread going out? Wish you could stay at home and cuddle up with a good book? Thanks to Libby, an ebook/audiobook app, you can checkout and read or listen to library books from the comfort of home!

Ready to give it a try? Follow these instructions:

1.) On your device, open the app store and search for "Libby" (Android users
- Google Play Store; Apple users - App Store; it is unavailable for Kindle
users at this point)

2.) Tap on "Libby, by Overdrive" and install it to your device.

The day the bread disappeared (almost)

You no longer wait until the last minute to run to the grocery

By Monty Siekerman
Thursday afternoon TV weather forecasters warned of the possibility of a 20-inch snow starting Friday night.

I thought that the prudent thing for me to do is stop by the Walmart that I was passing to buy bread, milk, and a few more things to hold me over. It can take a long time for snow to melt in northwest Ohio in January.

To be fair, the weather person hedged: we might not get that much snow since the weather models were uncertain at that hour.

The Flag Staff from 1914 Ohio Northern Cadets.

(Dave Devier, Ph.D., attended ONU and lived in and around the community for 45 years. He taught at Northern for 15 years. Currently, he is President of Glen Oaks Community College in Centreville, Mich. While in the Ada area, he and his wife Patty collected Ada/ONU memorabilia. He will write an occasional column for the Ada Icon describing some of their "finds" that pertain to the town and gown.)

By David Devier

This is the next installment in the history of Ada and Ohio Northern University shown through memorabilia and artifacts. This find came from the many pieces that were in the American Legion Hall when it closed its Main Street Post. 

Ada Rocks!

Thoughts on the painted rocks trend

By Monty Siekerman
Pet rocks are passé.
The trend now is painted rocks.
I found one in the landscaping of a church in Ada on Friday afternoon. It made my day.

As editor/reporter/photographer of the Ada Icon, it's my duty to keep an eye out for news, even underfoot. So, there it was, staring up at me with blue and gold lettering:

"FL 2017."
I picked it up, of course and have done a little Facebook research on painted rocks.

The reverse side of the smooth stone said:
# Titusville

A review: "Catapult": Enchanting, engaging, enthralling

Saturday night at The Freed Center

By Monty Siekerman

Review of "Catapult"

Enchanting, engaging, enthralling are three descriptions that can be used to describe "Catapult," the Homecoming show at the Freed Center that played to a full house on Saturday night.

Eight professional dancers performed behind a large screen with their shadows forming all manner of objects such as animals, chairs, hearts, and flowers. Appropriate music was selected to accompany the scenes. Some of the themes were four seasons, life's milestones, and bullies.

Observations, insights and sightings: The ribbing was constant

All because of a taped-up finger

By Monty Siekerman
I had a middle finger problem, but this ain't no story where I admit to a shrink that I need help, advice, counseling.

It was a garden accident.

That's all I'm going to say. (Well, there were 11 stitches.) In time, the injury healed.

But the ribbing was constant, especially when friends and foe saw the erect middle finger bandaged (big bandage) in neon yellow. And, the digit had a splint on it for 10 days.

There was no way to hide it. It stood out like a sore thumb.