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October 22, 2020

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We agree, this was easy - but it was fun

Countless residents quickly identifed the location of this wooden wheel, despite the fact that no one has boarded a passenger train in Ada in decades.

You will find the answer to this puzzle below. Next week we'll toss you a tougher one. Stay tuned.

So, you think you know Ada?

So you think you know Ada? This one is so easy that there are no hints. We'll give you the answer tomorrow, unless someone answers it correctly first.

So, you think you know Ada?

So, you think you know Ada? Native residents might identify this location immediately. Let's see what happens. It's somewhere in Ada on the east side of town. Sorry, you'll have to wait until Wednesday for the answer.

Tip from the Icons and Ohio News Media Association

Tip from the Icons and the Ohio News Media Association.

Poll results concerning comfort level attending Sunday church services

Here are the poll results concerning viewers' comfort level attending Sunday church services at the moment.


An Icon opinion: Erring on the side of caution

We should be reflexively pulling together to help and protect one another

This is written by Ada resident Jenny Donley and the Ada Icon agrees with and endorses this comment.

Those in Ada have likely seen signs around town from the “Ada School Unmasked” FB group, as well as ones for other schools in Hardin County. I’m going to strain relationships with this letter, but as with much of what’s going on in the world right now, speaking up for others is something we should all do regardless of the fall out.

These groups are circulating petitions for Hardin County schools that they say will be presented to our local health department, demanding “little or no guidelines” for controlling the spread of COVID-19 when our schools reopen.