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October 28, 2020

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Recent poll: Most Icon viewers staying at home

Most viewers in the recent Icon poll have primarily come into contact only with immediate household members in April. Here's the results of the poll.

Our newest poll asks parents of Kindergarteners through fifth graders: "How has your child or children adapted to learning at home?" Take the poll by clicking here, or going to the bottom, right side of the home page.

A tip from the Icons and Ohio News Media Association

Here's a tip from the Icons and the Ohio News Media Association.

Take a tip from the Icons and the Ohio News Media Association

Take a tip from the Icons and the Ohio News Media Association.

Icon viewers prefer their coffee black

Black coffee is the preferred way to drink coffee, so says coffee drinkers who took the Icon's coffee poll last week.

To take this week's poll, which asks if you've voted – and how you voted – in the Ohio primary election, click here. You may also take the poll by going to the bottom right side of the home page.

Fox and pups move in town

Warn the Ada rooster

Ada’s famous rooster may be getting some competition, or maybe it should be on the lookout for its own well-being.

According to the Ada police report of April 5, the police received an animal call to Lima Avenue. It appears that a red fox was in the backyard of a residence with pups.

Sorry, no Sal Walker and April Shortbread concert in Ada

It was all a figment of our imagination

Turns out that Sal Walker and his band April Shortcake, currently rising in the country music charts, will not perform this summer in Ada – or for that matter, will never perform here. 

Sad to say, but the Jamie Hall story (click here to read it) about helping a stranded group of musicians on State Route 235 north of Ada was simply a figment of our imagination that occurred hours before the clock passed midnight from March 31 to April 1. 

Republicans might call it fake news. We have no idea if any Democrat even read the story.