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May 31, 2020

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Iconoclast View

The parade that never ends

Ken Collins watched the Harvest and Herb Festival parade and has these photos to share with Icon viewers.

Steelions and limbo fit together perfectly

Photos by Monty Siekerman
The Steelions, a steel drum band of local 11-15 year old youth, entertain like true Bahamians.

The band has been organized now for several years and is taught by Dr. Sarah Waters, ONU music prof. Here's photos of their Saturday H&H performance.

And, what's Caribbean music without a little limbo.


Ada Icon passed 2,000 "Likes" on Facebook

And the Icon also likes you, for liking us!

Everybody loves, or at least "Likes," the Ada Icon.

Today your local online news service passed 2,000 "Likes" on Facebook. That's a significant number of computers tracking Ada area news on a daily basis in a town with little more than 1,000 homes.

Yes, some people have two computers, and ONU students tune into our news as well. Plus, the Ada Icon goes throughout the world. We are accessed by people in nearly every state each month and, in a year's time, by people in more than 100 countries.

Thanks for your support of our efforts to help us live up to our motto: Where Ada gets its news.

Is this the Lincoln Highway's oldest graffiti?

The Icon keeps an eye out for Ada area oddities. This one is certainly in our top 10.

You'll find this cement fence post on the corner of Phillips Road and Lincoln Highway. The top of the post reads: "Sept. 1 1912." It was written in the post before the cement hardened. There's even an artistic design above the date.

The person who wrote the date on the post is unknown.

To make it more interesting, this could be the oldest existing graffiti - we are stretching the definition here - related to the entire Lincoln Highway. The highway was conceived in 1912.

Can you believe it - there's a Bluffton, Iowa

And the Icon has photos to prove it

By Fred Steiner - Bluffton Icon
FROM BLUFFTON ICON - Note: Sorry to say, Ada, Iowa, wasn't on the map, or we'd have stopped there also.

Ever visited Bluffton, Iowa 52101?

We have. And we have photos and a couple tee-shirts from Randy’s Campgrounds in Bluffton to prove it.

Earlier in this summer we settled on a vacation week in early September.

Where to take it?

First choice: St. Petersburg, Florida - where Mary spent her sophomore year in high school, while her father, Richard Pannabecker, was on a Bluffton College teaching sabbatical.

Second choice: Key West, Florida. We wanted to see why Hemmingway liked it.

Red Tail Hawk stops in Ada for a bite

And several concerned citizens wanted the story

From the Ada police reports: Today Sgt. Donnie Decking responded to a call of an injured hawk. Upon investigation it was discovered that a Red Tail Hawk was simply stopping by Ada to have lunch (a Cooper's Hawk).

The Red Tail Hawk allowed Sgt. Deckling to get within feet of it for an assessment under direction of the department's Wildlife Officer.

Wildlife did respond and the Hawk finished his lunch in quick manner so as not to be captured and all ended well (with exception of the Cooper's Hawk).

We had a number of concerned citizens and we thought you might like an update.