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July 19, 2019

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Poetic License


The Icon spotted BOB S on a red Impala LTZ with a Hardin County plate at the Made in Ada Wilson Football Festival. Bob is an Ohio State fan.

Are you LAW KAT?

Are you LAW KAT? The Icon spotted this Union County Ohio plate on a red CX5 on ONU’s campus.

4 ASAL 7

The Icon spotted this plate in Janauary and we've held it since then. It has a Marion, Ohio, license plate frame and you'll find this on a red Chevy Cobalt LT. We'd appreciate anyone who has an idea of its meaning to let us know.

BJ 1986

Despite the fact that the Icon spotted this plate in Bluffton, it has Ada written all over it. It's on a dark blue Ford SEL.


This license plate belongs to a true golden retriever fan. It was spotted on a Chevy Traverse during a Boston Crusaders rehearsal at ONU stadium.

JC 04

The Icon spotted JC 04 on a black Chrysler 300 S in Bluffton.