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October 16, 2021

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15 Minutes

15 minutes with Gary Wells, Ada HS art teacher

He'd like to have lunch with Adam Duritz, the lead singer of the Counting Crows

Interviewed by Amelia Alexander
Gary Wells is one of my favorite teachers. The best part of my day during sophomore year was often our banter while I was working on my art. When I tried to think of the most interesting person to interview, Mr. Wells came to mind. 

Icon: “How would you define art?”

15 minutes with Brendan Jameson

Wait until you hear about his worst movie experience in 7th grade

Earlier this week the Icon sat down to a lunch with Brendan Jameson. We talked about a range of topics. Here’s a sampling the conversation with this Ada HS student.

Icon: What year are you in school in the fall and what does your class schedule look like?
I’ll be a junior. I’m taking advanced chemistry, anatomy, composition I and II, Spanish III, trigonometry and pre-calculus, American government, special projects with ceramics and I’ll have one study hall.

15 minutes getting caught up with Bailey Bowers

She's attending Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and can tell you all about "everywhere, everyday chemicals"

The Icon recently caught up with Bailey Bowers, a 2013 Ada High School graduate now at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. We are sharing parts of our conversation with Icon viewers.

After you graduated from College of Wooster, we lost track of you. Please bring us up to date.
I'm currently attending Carnegie Mellon University to obtain my PhD in Chemistry. I’m aiming to defend my thesis in August 2022, which simultaneously feels very far off and panic-inducingly soon.

15 minutes with Dexter

Tells about his golfing hole-in-one, worst movie he ever watched and some of his musical likes and dislikes

15 minutes with Dexter R Woods III, Ada High School junior
What classes are you taking this semester? 
I am taking Anatomy/Physiology, Advanced Chemistry CC+, AP US History, Spanish 3, Calculus 2, Government, Composition 2.

Which one is the most difficult and why? 
Calculus 2 is most difficult because I am taking it at ONU. 

15 minutes with 2019 Ada grad, Abby Chamberlain

"My goals are to retire in the Air Force with two degrees, English and diagnostic imaging."

15 minutes with Abby Chamberlain,
a 2019 Ada High School graduate.

When did you join the Air Force and where are you stationed?
I joined in August, 2019. I am stationed at Mountain Home AFB in Idaho. This is my first duty station.

What are some of your goals while in the military?
I plan on doing a full 20 years for retirement. My goals are to retire in the Air Force with two degrees, English and diagnostic imaging.

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