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Hitting the wall and the importance of rest

Blog by David MacDonald, ONU chaplain

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I’ve been there.  We’ve probably all been there at one time or another.  You work and study and work and study and go, go, go, until you you crash.  Hitting that wall can be devastating–to your health, your spirit, and your mental capacities.  For me, the wall usually results in my getting sick.  A couple of days in bed, feeling sorry for myself, and I’m back into the daily grind–working, studying, working, studying, go, go, go…

You get the picture.

But, what if it wasn’t that way?

What if we rested more frequently, for more periods, with an eye toward relaxation and rejuvenation, rather than recovery after illness?

I’m preaching to myself, here.  What if I started out with the goal of taking short periods of rest each day, for prayer, reflection, or just plain fun?  Then, instead of crashing after a long run of crazy-busyness, I might find refreshment and rest in the simple moments of life–sitting on a bench on the Tundra enjoying a beautiful fall day in Ada, laughing with my kids as we tussle on the couch, taking a leisurely walk around the block with a faithful canine companion.

So, my advice?  Rest.  And that’s exactly what I intend to do now…