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The drum roll please...the answer to "Who Am I"?

By Alisa Armbrecht

Last week  The Ada Icon asked: “Who Am I?” Here's your final chance for a guess. The answer is at the bottom of this story.

• I have lived in the Ada area for 44 years.
• I have done biking tours in the United States, the Netherlands, and in Ukraine.
• I have been biking for 34 years.
• I placed first in the Race Judicata biathlon in 1989 at Ohio Northern University.  It involved running a 5k and then biking three 9 mile circles.
• I have competed in the Tour of Scioto Valley 13 times.  The last time I competed I was 60 years old.  The Tour starts at the State House in Columbus, bikes 105 miles to Portsmouth, and then bikes back to the State House the next morning.
• I have participated in the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure for 14 years.  I rode with my granddaughter for seven of those years when she was 2-9 years old.
• I have done the six day Bike Florida tour seven times.
• I rode my bike one lap around Daytona International Speedway.

So…who am I?

The answer...


Linda Hall