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ONU's Miss Minnesota is 4th runner-up in Miss America Pageant

Rebecca Yeh, Ohio Northern University student, and Miss Minnesota, became the 4th runner-up in the 2014 Miss America Pageant Sunday night in Atlantic City.

After winning Thursday's talent competition it was obvious that she would break through to the top 15 finalists, which she did. But she continued up the ladder and was among the last five finalists standing.

As fourth runner up she receives a $10,000 scholarship. 
3rd runner up - Miss Florida
2nd runner up - Miss Oklahoma
1st runner up - Miss California
Miss America 2014 - Miss New York

Miss Minnesota advance to the final round by making the final 15 cut. Then she advanced to the top 12. After the evening wear competition she advanced to the top 10, and finally to the top five.

Here question in the final round concerned political candidates who get into trouble - should their wives still support them.

She answered: "Yes, stand by your man," and then added a quick comment that the man should shape up.