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Letter: We have a great school; we should support the Nov. 6 tax levy

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I am writing in support of the Ada Exempted Village Schools’ 2.9 mill permanent improvement levy that will face the Ada voters on November 6, 2018. 

As a RENEWAL tax, this five-year levy is not a new tax nor a tax increase.  The purpose of this tax is to provide permanent improvements for the school district.   By definition, this includes assets or site improvements which will last longer than five years.  Therefore, this levy is not permitted to be used for general operations, including salaries and benefits.

The permanent improvement fund allows the school to maintain the funds needed for capital expenditures without draining the general fund revenue for such assets.  In my opinion, this levy is as important as a levy for general operations. 

For such a small community, we have a GREAT school.  Let’s keep it going forward and strong.   Please vote FOR the Ada Schools’ 2.9 mill renewal permanent improvement levy on November 6, 2018.

Christy Beaschler