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Letter: School board manages a school system that exceeds expectation

Icon viewers:
I appreciate the Ada School Board/OSBA recognition for me/Ada Icon that was announced at this month's School Board meeting. Presenting the certificate and the listing in the OSBA Journal was kind, thoughtful, and considerate. 

As I said around the table at the end of the meeting, you, the board, and the fiscal officers do a terrific job managing a school system that EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS. 

You follow a legacy in Ada where public education has been in the forefront of community importance. When settlers first arrived in Ada, they began building small schoolhouses for their sons and daughters. That interest continues today.

Ada Schools excel in so many ways that reporting on the students and teachers for the Ada Icon has been a  pleasure for me to communicate that success to our many readers.

Again, that you very much for the recognition, and I wish continued success for you, the board, and all involved in the education of Ada youngsters.

Monty Siekerman, Editor, Ada Icon