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Icon requirements for letters to the editor

By Paula Scott, Icon editor

In recent weeks, the Bluffton and Ada Icons have received letters to the editor from near and far on a variety of topics. Here are our freshly updated requirements for these submissions:

- Letters should be 400 words or less.

- Letters must be original and civil in tone.

- Letters should focus on the opinions of the writer.

- Statements of facts need to include sources of information or data.

- Letters containing offensive language or content will not be published.

- Libelous or slanderous statements will not be published.

- Letters referring to prior letters or news stories should include
the headline and publication date.

In general, letters must come from individuals who live or work in the Ada or Bluffton readership areas. Writers should provide the Icon with their address and phone number. Only your name and city of residence will be published.