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Ada Kiwanis hears about Gliding Stars Program

President Heather Cox called the weekly meeting of the Ada Kiwanis Club to order at 12:00 noon on Tuesday November 4th at McIntosh Center, Ohio Northern University, Ada.

The birthdays if member Bill Fuller (November 4th) was noted.
Charles Van Dyne reported that Peter Previte is doing fine after surgery and should be home this weekend. Myrna McCurdy also reported that Al Bailis is doing well after a visit last week.
In business:

-Members heard an updated financial report from Treasurer Bryan Marshall.

Who am I? Answer at the bottom of the story

By Alisa Armbrecht

Here's your final chance to guess "Who Am I?" The hints follow:

Bill Faine helping 7th graders build community in Language Arts

Ada’s 7th grade Language Arts classes are on track to achieve several personal and community goals this school year, according to Bill Faine, “mayor” of the classes.

In reality, Faine is the teacher, and that’s where the fun and personal goals begin.

“I want them (the students) to be active, productive and part of the community,” said Faine.

To do that, Faine had the students form their own communities and, just as in real life, set goals for their communities. Thus, Faine, as teacher, becomes community mayor. “Our class communities are based on being positive and reliable to and for all members.”

Barry Schneck wins final Icon football contest of season

The winner of Week 10 of The Icon football contest is Barry Schneck.  He correctly picked 14 games this week.
Other contestants:
13 correct - David Glick and Seth Burkholder.
12 correct - Chris Boisvert, Denny Edinger, Luke Amstutz, Mark Delisle, Megan Morris and Todd Fleharty.
11 correct - Adelyn Althaus, Ben Reineke, Bill Edwards, Brandon Huber, Jerry Cupples, John Clevidence and Tater Hooker.
10 correct - Brandon Schaadt, John Schmutz, Mark Sommers, Nancy Armour, Nathan Davis, Randy Garmatter and Tom Clark.

Agnes Crates waited 100 years - now she's Ada's citizen of the year

Agnes Crates, life-long Ada resident, thought she was going to present the invocation at Monday’s Town and Gown Banquet.


She did deliver it, but unknown to her, the community had bigger plans. Mrs. Crates was bestowed the honor of 2013 Ada citizen of year during the banquet.

She joins an impressive list of Ada residents who have received this honor over the past 48 years.

Who am I? Well, for starters, I'm an Ada HS grad

By Alisa Ambrecht
Who Am I? Here's another Ada resident who you know, but have to put all the pieces together to figure out his identity. Here's some clues. Watch for the answer later this week.