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Blanchard Valley Health System

Weekend doctor: Advanced care planning

A series of conversations to help you reflect upon and discuss your goals and wishes around future healthcare decisions

By Amy Mills, RN
Bridge Home Health & Hospice

During this COVID-19 pandemic, multiple aspects of your life have been affected.

You may be thinking, “What kind of healthcare would I choose if I became ill? Who would make my decisions for me if I can’t speak for myself?” Advance care planning and completion of advance directives can ensure that your choices are explored, communicated and documented.

Advance care planning involves a series of conversations to help you reflect upon and discuss you goals and wishes around future healthcare decisions.

BVHS corporate PR and Marketing wins three national awards

All communications materials receiving awards were conceptualized, written, developed and printed by the team

The Corporate Public Relations & Marketing Department at Blanchard Valley Health System has been named the winner of three national awards for their Mayo Clinic Care Network campaign.

These awards include a Bronze Aster Award, a Silver Telly Award and an Award of Distinction.

“We are elated to learn that our team received these awards for our work on the Mayo Clinic Care Network campaign,” shared Amy J. Leach, director of Corporate PR & Marketing.

Weekend doctor: What is a forensic nurse?

Eleven active forensic nurses serve victims of violence in Hancock and Allen County hospitals

By Mindy Lause, RN
Blanchard Valley Health System
Emergency Department

With social justice issues like human trafficking, sexual assault and intimate partner violence in the media, one might ask: “What is a forensic nurse?”

A forensic nurse is a registered nurse who blends the holistic care of nursing to the body, mind and spirit—to include principles from the law, medicine and science.

A forensic patient is an individual who has a healthcare issue and intersects with the legal system.

Weekend doctor: What is osteoporosis?

Who is at risk? How can it be prevented?

By Leah Eiden, MD
Family Medicine
Bluffton Primary Care

If anyone has ever told you to “Go out there and break a leg,” hopefully you didn’t think they were advising you to fall and fracture, but realized they were using an idiom to wish you good luck during a performance.

Your family doctor does not want you to break a leg, hip or any of your bones. In fact, we would like to help you prevent fractures if at all possible. Thus, our interest in osteoporosis.

Bluffton Hospital will allow one visitor at a time

Also in effect for Blanchard Valley Hospital, Findlay

Effective June 3, Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS), including Bluffton Hospital, will allow one visitor at a time for most patients. Daily visitation hours will be from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

One designated visitor, age 16 or older, will be permitted to accompany inpatients at all BVHS locations as well as accompany patients to clinic appointments. 

Patients may have a guest accompany them for outpatient and testing services as well, however BVHS encourages guests to wait in their vehicle. Once a visitor leaves for the day, re-entry is not permitted. Visitors and guests will not be allowed in areas such as nursing home facilities and Orchard Hall (behavioral health).

Mid-week doctor: A couple reminders about hand hygiene

When practicing hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, you are not only protecting yourself, you are taking measures to protect others

By Colleen Abrams, Infections Preventionist
Blanchard Valley Health System

Proper hand hygiene is the number one way to prevent the spread of infection, any time of the year. This is particularly important during winter months.

According to the Ohio Department of Health, this flu season alone, there have been over 5,400 influenza-related hospitalizations in Ohio. You can take measures to prevent illness at any time of the year by taking the following minimum measures every day: