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December 6, 2019

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The Ada Icon - 19,282 views experienced in its first 365 days

It’s all about small towns. It’s where Ada gets it information.

Without fanfare, The Ada Icon observed its first anniversary on March 15. For the past 365 days, this online news and advertising source has provided the Ada community with lots of information. More than you may realize.

The Icon launched on The Ides of March (March 15) 2012, with zero viewers and no advertisers. Many positive things have occurred since its launch. Here’s some information, provided by Google Analytics.

After 365 days online, The Ada Icon now has:
• 33 advertisers
• 2,000 average views per 30-day period

On marking the 17th of March and remembering Mark Lenssen

By Reema Bazzy

I graduated from Ohio Northern University in 1987 with a B.A in Philosophy.  I went on to get a law degree as well, but the degree I am most proud of, when I am taking a moment to feel pride in such things, is that B.A. 

The reason I have a degree in Philosophy at all is due to one person, Dr. Mark Lenssen.  His Intro to Philosophy class during my freshman year so engaged me, his teaching style and approach was so accessible to me, that I was hooked. 

If you think you know Ada, then where's this bulldog?

So, you think you know Ada? Okay, there are lots of Bulldogs in town. Where will you go to find this one? 

The answer is at the bottom of the page - hint: you've driven over it lots of times.

No, You’re Not Crazy

By David McDonald, ONU campus pastor and Icon blogger
I just got back from a conference of chaplains (National Association of College and University Chaplains–NACUC), which was a great opportunity for me to meet others in the field, and especially to sit down with more experienced chaplains and talk about experiences of ministry in a campus setting.

Ada Community Improvement Corp. gearing up for busy 2013

Ada’s Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) is busy this winter. The group met in the Ada depot on Feb. 20 and reviewed several village projects on the 2013 calendar.

Prior to February’s meeting, the CIC in January elected trustees and officers. The 2013 officers elected are Jim Meyer, president; Bryan Marshall, vice president; Angela Polachek, secretary; and Crystal Huffer, treasurer. These are the same officers as in 2012.

Trustees elected for the term Jan. 1, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2014:
• Beth Fenton
• Richard Lawrence
• Norman Rex
• Angela Polachek
• Donald Traxler
• Harry “Jimmy” Wilson

Cash Mob returns to Ada - brought to you by Buy Ada First Committee

A “cash mob” is coming to Ada in March.

The Buy Ada First Committee, an ad hoc group consisting of local business people and residents, will hold the community’s second cash mob on Tuesday, March 12, from 3 to 5 p.m. The location, which is a prominent Main Street business, will be revealed soon.

“Last year the Buy Ada First Committee hosted its first ever Cash Mob in October at Reicherts,” said Heather Cox, of the committee. “It was very successful and we want to continue promoting our local businesses and the Ada community.”

What is a cash mob?