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December 6, 2019

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This colorful plaything is a fixture for Ada pre-schoolers

From time to time The Ada Icon posts a photo - really, just part of a photo of a familiar Ada image. Here's the first quiz for 2013. How well do you know Ada? For the answer check the photo below.

You'll find it at the Ada Public Library - children's section.

Ada Icon-Bluffton Icon invites viewers to "like" our facebook sites

The Ada Icon encourages Facebook fans interested in all the latest information about the local community to consider liking the Ada Icon Facebook site and its sister publication of the Bluffton icon.

The Ada Icon site was recently launched and continues to grow weekly. It currently has 80 followers. The Bluffton Icon site is older and has 821 followers. 

Both sites provide worthwhile news updates for the communities they serve.

The site links follow:

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It's January and the OhioTraveler has some trip ideas for you

The OhioTraveler.com offers some free and inexpensive attractions and events on the "roads less traveled."

To view this month's edition, click here.

Tops in movies and television in 2012

The end of the year is a time ripe for looking back in all sorts of ways.  The favorites in movies and television are one of those ways.   I took a look at movies and television in 2012.  How do your opinions compare?


For sheer box office force, the top ten movies of 2012 leaned heavily towards comic book heroes, with adolescent fantasy novels and big-screen animation making up most all the rest.

According to Box Office Mojo the top grossing movies of 2012 were:

Dreaming of past Christmases - I usually end up in the Lima Public Square

Don’t’ know what it is – Eartha Kitt asking for a ’54 convertible, too, light blue, or, Perry Como claiming he met a man from Tennessee going to Pennsylvania for some home made pumpkin pie.

Whatever the tune, when I hear it my mind goes in fast reverse, landing somewhere in late December between 1956 and ’60.

Suddenly I am in elementary school, standing in the downtown Lima Public Square on the final Saturday before Christmas. The place is packed; the word “mall” is not yet in our vocabulary.

This trip occurs often this time of year, thanks to Eartha, Perry and other  Christmas vocalists from the pre-Beatle era.

The guy who taught me everything I know - my brother - just turned 70!

Note: This was originally posted on The Blufton Icon (Ada's sister publication) www.blufftonicon.com. We thought that anyone whose brother has turned 70 may appreciate this.

Sorry, can’t recall my first-ever meeting with Abraham Rudolf Steiner. Probably because of a focus on the larger question: “How did I get here?”

I do know it was Nov. 9, 1949. Thanks to my baby book, the roll of visitors on my first day in Bluffton includes the name “A.R.” Steiner.

He was 7; I had yet to experience my first-ever sundown.

A.R.  claims he can’t remember our first meeting either, so, I don’t feel that bad.