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September 23, 2019

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Ada cheerleaders ready for '19-20

Outstanding awards for Ada cheerleaders at UCA Cheer Camp

Ada High School and Junior High cheerleaders brought back lots of awards from a recent four-day UCA Cheer Camp held at Ohio Northern University, according to Bridgette Jones. Awards follow:

High School: 
• Second place trophy in sideline cheer, (in the large varsity division)
• Superior ribbon for earning all blue ribbons each day
• Top Banana award for the squad with the most school spirit, along with spirit sticks each day

• As an entire school, high school and junior high, won the Leadership Award, a  first for Ada.

Reaching for the stars

The ONU-aerospace connection

Following up on the  feature about Jed Marquart's visit to Cape Kennedy as a youngster, ONU's website features several alums who have professions in the aerospace industry. This is one of those persons. It's Steven Oleson, a 1986 ONU alum. Click here for additional features on ONU-aerospace people.

Ruth Anne Osbourn receives outstanding of the day at state fair

Ruth Anne Osbourn received an Outstanding of the Day at the Ohio State Fair on her graphic design project. She is a home schooled student in the Upper Scioto Valley school district.

The Ada Icon invites viewers who have won awards at the state fair to send a photo and details of the award to: info@adaicon.com.


Callie Burgess winner at state fair

Callie Burgess, Ada elementary student, is a winner at the Ohio State Fair. She earned an honorable mention in a 4-H project "Cats 1 - Purrfect Pals." Callie is a member of the Boots and Buckles 4-H Club.

The Ada Icon invites viewers who have won awards at the state fair to send a photo and details of the award to: info@adaicon.com.


QUIN is an Ohio University alum from Hancock County. The Icon spotted this plate on a Black Chevy Silverado truck in Bluffton.

Witness to history

ONU professor visited Cape Kennedy and saw Apollo 11 before it flew to the moon

On July 20, 1969, Wapakoneta native Neil Armstrong walked on the moon after riding Apollo 11 all the way into history. So when a young Ohioan named Jed Marquart  – today a member of the ONU faculty –toured NASA’s Cape Kennedy mere days before the most famous space launch of all time, it’s easy to see why it made a lasting impact.

By Jed Marquart
FROM THE ONU WEBSITE - I turned 11 years old in May 1969. Growing up on a farm outside of Bluffton, like most kids who grew up during that time period, I was enthralled with the space race. I played with toy rockets and model airplanes, and I dreamed of being an astronaut and working for NASA.